3 PSD to WordPress Conversion Misconceptions You Should Know

With the new technologies, the impact of web app technologies especially front-end technologies, has improved with an excellent speed. PSD to WordPress conversation is cost-effective conversion which can make growth in your online business.

There are some misconceptions about PSD to WordPress conversion that might be frustrating for web designers. Actually, every organization should be well-informed with such information and misconceptions relevant to their projects.

Here are 3 PSD to WordPress Conversion Misconceptions You Should Know:


Misconception- WordPress websites are not able to achieve excellent traffic. These websites go off-line in case of high traffic.

Truth- Websites actually go off-line because of web website hosting service service and other information. In fact, you can variety your website on a properly properly secured and efficient the web server to eliminate such problems.

Misconception- WordPress is only good for small companies.

Truth- The above truth is entirely incorrect. Many popular brands like Disney, Best Buy are using WordPress these days and also assisting them to develop their business further.

Misconception- It is said that web page builders are not good for SEO as the markup they leave is not enhanced.

Truth- Since SEO is all about top quality content. Page builders even act as a method in generating eye-catching content for the web page. It also provides a lot of semantic markups to select HTML labels for your headings and search phrases too.

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5 Benefits of WordPress Development for Websites

Since its beginning, WordPress websites have obtained tremendous popularity in the technical field. Especially, when it comes to creating extremely interactive websites, it’s quite tough to choose an option like WordPress. WordPress also comes out as one of the best CMS systems for non-blogging websites. WordPress has been the perfect choice for various web development tasks.

Several advantages of WordPress over other platforms are as follows:

  • Easy to use
  • No FTP software or HTML editing
  • Search engine friendly
  • Customizable Themes
  • Customizable Plug-ins

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